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Kadam Dam


Kadam Dam

Kadam Dam

The Kadam Project is an existing major project across river Kaddam, a tributory of Godavari near Peddur(V), Kaddam(M),Adilabad District, Telangan Region, AP, India. The project is envisaged to irrigate an ayacut of 68,000 Ac.Khariff. The Kaddam Project has been integrated with Sriramasagar Project. The reservoir being supplemented through Sriramasagar Project, Saraswathi Canal to stabilize the localized ayacut.

Kadam Project Deatails
  • Year of completion: 1964
  • Height of Dam (Above deepest F.L.): 35.70M
  • Height of Dam (Above lowest Bed Level): 30.70M
  • Impounding capacity at F.R.L: 7603 Mcft
  • Top of dam: + 215.70M (708ft)
  • Max. Water level: + 213.21M ( 700ft)
  • Full reservoir level: + 213.21M ( 700ft)
  • Dead storage capacity: 78.70 M.cum
  • Length of the Dam (at Crest ) in Meters: 378M
  • Type, Number and Size of Spillway gates: Vertical/total-18 Gates ,9Nos 18.30x6.30M,9 Nos 18.30x4.60M
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