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Mail me your comments/feedback. Your comments, feedback will make me more responsible and act as the driving force to take this website to new heights.

Thank you all for the support.
I Love Nirmal.


  • Dear Praveen,

    Congradulations  on being taken up  the  project  in  getting  the  glory  of  nirmal  city  globally. Hope  you  continue the  project  in  the  fields where  they  are  not  touched. I also appreciate  the efforts  that  you  have  put in  getting  the  project  completed successfully. I  also  hope that  some  other  artists  like  you  come  out  and  get  some other things  to the people.  land  of nirmal  is proud  to  produce  the  sons like  you.
        I wish  the  great  success  in your  other projects  also.

    Anna Rao,
    (Physics Lecturer-Govt. Degree College, Nirmal)

  • This is Girish from Strasbourg, France. I am doing my postdoc in Organic
    Chemistry in ISIS Strasbourg. I am the native of Adilabad district.

    Today I was just surfing about intersting palces to visit within our
    district and I found your Website ( Its
    really very interesting and amazing. I just went through all your photos.
    They are awesome.

    I really don't know some places at all (for example Adilabad Kalaashram).
    Where it is located by the way. There is lot of information on your website.
    If I get a chance, first I will visit all the places in our district itself.

    If you don't mind I have a small suggestion. Could you also include the
    information about reaching the destined places by Bus from Adilabad bus
    station or may be from Nirmal Bus station. It could be very useful.

    Thanks for the wonderfull information on your website.

    With best wishes,



  • Hats Off Praveen Garu,

    My name is sharath kumar desai. I am also from nirmal. I saw your website when i was in nirmal in the year 2004. Now i am in Hyderabad working as a System Administrator. I have given the website link to so many friends and when they saw the website they just don't have words to speak it's like awesome. I like the way you presented the website and the info. Keep it up! Praveen.

    D.Sharath Kumar,
    System Administrator

  • Srikanth wrote: is amazing.
    Excellent work Praveen.
    Really committed.
    Especially photos are too good.
    Hats off to you!!!

  • Iam Giridhar Rao, basically from Aloor... near Nirmal. I'm very impressed by work u have done to promote Nirmal.

  • I am Pradeep Raj Kuna, a persuing Chartered Accountant student from Nirmal. I am, personally  very touched seeing my small little but beautiful town which brought me up on the Global Level Today (Internet), which can be watched from any remote distances of the world.
    Congratulations, on creating this site which makes not just you but, all from that beautiful town feel very proud of...  . I have read your profile and was very impressed that you persued a course in a subject which people take very easy, though proving all of them what a human with creativity could do and made all those who take other courses for no grant"SHUT UP" by this wonderful site ..
    I was shocked by reading the programs that you are planning for promoting sales of the NIRMAL ARTS & TOYS, that is a great idea and wishing you a very best and praying that god supports you in all your endaevours.
    Sir, i will be there in nirmal this June and if any programs are being planned in that time pls let me know i will surely be there with all the help that i can do for u and the promotion of my city..

    Thanking You
    Pradeep Raj Kuna
    S/o K P Lingaiah
    Bhagya Nagar
  • HI PRAVEEN GARU  Recently ihad went through felt very happy that you are the person behind it nice to meet you.
    you had put your effort to gather  the information.easy to understand the things keenly thanking you.  
    And Correspondent of NBR Degree College Nirmal


  • Thank you for sending your valuable messages. 

    K.Ramakrishna I.B.Division, Nirmal cell 9963588512

  • I really appreciate ur work...I can make out, the kind of efforts which wud have gone into to this...I hail from Nirmal....Let me frankly tell u ..I didn't knew so much abt the place .untill I read thru this website...well done

  • Great job in potraying Nirmal\'s beauty and scenic. Also show schools/colleges Indutries if any, so that you can tell world not only good tourist place also attractive to set up industries.

  • A. Mahi wrote:

    Im proud of u praveen, because im also from Nirmal... U have given a great gift for our Birth Place.. Thank U.. keep it up. ALL THE BEST FOR UR FUTURE ENDEAVOURS.

  • Hello Praveen,
     This is shiv kumar from Bangalore. My native is Elegaon, Bhainsa Mdl of Adilabad Dist.
     I appreciate your effort to maintain a website for nirmal city. I am surprised by the details that I dont know about our district.
     I hope this site will have more and more information. Better have column for educational situation of our district.
    Please mention the course details offered in various degree colleges.
    I hope this will become a mirror not only to nirmal city but also to Adilabad district.
    Once again I congratulate you for your intiation of this effort.I wish you all the best.

  • Mr Praveen, You have done good Job, putting nice site on NIRMAL. I just came to know in search. My father [S Janardhan] also worked in Same Dept. as Asst. Engineer in Nirmal. We are also belongs to Adilabad Dist.

  • hi praveen i saw our nirmal website it is very cool man ,even i don't know this much places to see in adb very cool

  • Congrats. It is about time.
    Please get the politicians to clean up the town. Hwy 7 surroundings and entry into the town are ugly sites.  The town with its various lakes can be the most beautiful town in all of Telangana.  But now it is a dump. Add a discussion forum to the site so Nirmal citizens can present issues and communicate to the collector etc.

  • very good site. Nirmal people always thankful to u


  • This is real site which is reprasenting true heritaze & culture of the nirmal and its places i would like to note a point here in my village (Narsapur-G ) we a an old Temple named " MALLIKARJUNA SWAMY" DEVUDU CHERU - Which is 1.5 KM from narsapur. please add the photos of this temple to know about this temple and to boost the tourisum. thanks

  • Iam proud to say that iam from nirmal